Sarti, so close to mount Athos


Sarti is not a big town, but it’s the biggest from west of Sithonia (I know its considered a village, but probably because of the lack of towns from Sithonia, I call it town). It seemed smaller to me than Neos Marmaras wich is another little big town in the east of Sithonia. What I liked to Sarti, at least in the moment of visit, was the fact that this little town, well most of it, is not placed on hills. It was a relief that I could walk in this town without so much climbing and downhill that I had to get used to all over Sithonia. So maybe this why, Sarti seemed smaller to me, because the walkings were lighter and I didn’t put much effort to move my legs, like I’ve did for example in Neos Marmaras, which is so hilly.

There is a strange brightness in Sarti, so much sun on the beach and definetly the town is more lighter than Neos Marmaras. I would say that Neos Marmaras is the city of sunset, and Sarti is the city of sunrise. I compare these two little towns, because they are the basic option for staying in Sithonia in a populated area. Of course, there is also Nikiti, Toroni, Vourvourou, different resorts, but these two the main populated places in Sithonia.

Sarti beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia, Chalkidiki. The beach is long, so all along Sarti town there is beach. Also, this beach is quite large. I would say that its size is an exception comparing it with other beaches from Sithonia. The top of the cream is the view. From the beach and from many places in Sarti, you can view Mount Athos wich is situated in the third peninsula of Chalkidiki.

We arrived to Sarti from north, from Vourvourou where we’ve been to Orange Beach (Portokali beach as greeks say) and we were so pleased to see a pretty big beach after so many small ones that we found in Sithonia. It’s a huge contrast between Orange beach and Sarti beach. Before to arrive to Sarti, there is a beautiful panorama from the road and there is a spot where you can park and take pictures. In Sarti, we found free parking on the street near beach.

There are a few bars on the beach, each managing little parts of it everyone having their sunbeds. There is also lot of place to put your towel, if you don’t want the sunbeds. Sunbeds here are close one to another like in almost all beaches from Greece.

When we arrived there were pretty big waves in the sea, one of biggest waves I’ve seen in Sithonia. I’ve seen big waves like these in Sithonia at Trani Ammouda beach, but these ones, from Sarti, seemed even bigger to me. So I could say that in Sarti, I’ve seen the biggest waves from Sithonia. I don’t have a scientifically explanation for this, especially that a quite close beach to Sarti, Kalamitsi beach has almost no waves.

When you go in the sea water, its like a haul there close to the sand, its a rough inclination, and waves are smashing you pretty tough here at the entrance to the sea. A little bit further, like 5 meters, there were waves and you could feel the current wich drags you a little bit far, so you have to pay attention to this. Water wasn’t very clear and water temperature seemed okay. During bathing, we observed three compass jellyfishes pretty big. They sting, so watch out. When I was in Alicante zone, in Spain, there was an invasion of compass jellyfishes there, so I met with these creatures before.

On the beach, the sunbeds are free if you get some drinks. Frappe was good, the bailey frappe that we tried was very good, but the smoothie was not so fresh. Some chicken nuggets proved to be soy nuggets and they were dry and not very delicious. Same with club sandwich and hot dog that we’ve ordered.

There were some taverns in town, but honestly they didn’t attract us. Overall, food in Chalkidiki in our opinion was not top and everywhere you go you have a feeling that food is not the best here. We had the same feeling in Neos Marmaras, but in Sarti was a little bit accentuate. We didn’t have the same feeling in Paralia Katerini for example, but Chalkidiki, especially Sithonia being a zone quite isolated from continent, this could explain our feeling, because its a bit of road to bring food in Sarti from other places.

HINT! If you want good traditional greek food when you are in Sithonia, go in Porto Kuofo and try Porto Marina restaurant. There are good prices there (except the fresh fish), but the food is usually very good. You can try saganaki with gambas, good fresh octopus, good souvlaki. Also, the best is the fresh fish. Try lavraki. But watch out for the price, because its quite expansive, almost 50 euro per kilogram and the price is not shown on the menu.

In Sarti, taverns here offer the traditional gyros and souvlaki at about 7 euros portion.

At sunbeds, there was a lack of privacy feeling, because sunbeds were, like I said, very close one to another, at least for my taste.

In one spot, between town and beach, there is a big banner made from metal, probably some painted alluminium in red and white, with “I love Sarti”. Word “love” is not written, but is symbolized by a heart. It was so cool, because you can climb on it and if you take photos, mount Athos can be photographed through the heart of the banner.


In town, I found some shops and bought a magnet with Sarti and one with Chalkidiki. In one of the supermarkets, called Express Market I was delighted by two plastic bottles filled with Mars, respectively Snickers, drinks that I personally don’t find everywhere. You can buy lots of olives in vacuum bags, olive oil and lots of spices in little plastic bags at 1 euro each. We also found some of the best oil brands from Greece here, Iliada. Its in metallic bottle like mosts of the olive oils in Greece and it costs 15 euro 1.5 litre. I think prices were a little bit lower than in Neos Marmaras at some products.

Sarti doesn’t have big hotels. We found here the same type of small hotels that we found all over Greece, with balconies bared sperated and with 2 or 3 floors. Is there one single architect in Greece who does not suffer of lack of privacy? Rooms are pretty small, balconies are semi isolated and staying in the room even with door closed, you will hear the noise from other balconies (talking, laughing, chairs moved etc.). So if you are sensitive to noise, be carefull what location you choose for your stay.

Regarding ethnicity, we’ve noticed lots of cars from Serbia, followed pretty close by romanians and then hungarians, bulgarians, italians, polish and albanians. But over 50% were from Serbia from my calculation and definetly I’ve noticed here more hungarians than in any other zone I’ve been in Greece.

Overwall, Sarti was a nice place, a little plain in a hilly Sithonia. It’s like an oasis in desert. Hope someday I will go back.