Paralia Katerini, shopping and sea


When we went to Paralia Katerini, we knew: “This is the worst resort town from Greece.” We knew that and wanted to make sure its true.

Paralia Katerini is a tourist seaside settlement, its a little town overcrowded in the summer.

So here we are in Paralia Katerini, with our own car. We choosed a hotel wich was very appreciated in reviews that we’ve read. Again, the polite reviews made us choose wrong being a family business. I will be back to this.

HINT! Avoid hotel family businesses. They are usually overrated. Even they are nice people, they are more intrusive than it should be. You talk to them, they talk to you and here we go with a polite review, even the hotel wasn’t great. Nothing wrong with talking, because you can get good tips from them, but we don’t need polite reviews. 

Well, I tell you what I liked in Paralia.

I liked shopping in Paralia greek traditional products from Greece. From here you may buy olive oil, olives in jar or in vacuum plastic bags (I recommend green olives filled with garlic), tzipuro (a traditional alcoholic greek drink made from grapes and spiced with different flavours, always differs at taste), ouzo (another traditional drink), Metaxa (here is the land of Metaxa). Prices were not very high. Here there are lots of stores who sell fur clothes with different prices.

I liked eating in Paralia. Best place found for eating in Paralia was Pacmam Gyros maintained by a nice entertaining greek from Kondariotissa and his wife Myrto. Only 5.5 euro a huge fresh gyros and 2.5 euro 500 ml of draught Mythos beer in ice cold mug. Also, very delicious souvlaki, unique taste of cevapcici and great pork belly.

Avoid almost tourist traps restaurants near the beach. When someone invites you insistently to go into a restaurant, from our expirience there is a problem with that restaurant. We tried one and we were disappointed. Another good place to eat some burgers in Paralia is Burger Lab. Also, we found a great italian restaurant in Katerini town – Aldente – great genovese pasta for my taste and good big pizza.

I like Paralia Katerini’s north beach and the water. It’s less crowded, it’s wide, it’s long and it was just fine there. Water is shallow there and there are many days when water is troubled, but there are days (fewer though) when water is very clear, especially till the afternoon, so clarity of water varies.

Wonderfull water in Paralia Katerini


What I didn’t like in Paralia Katerini:

I didn’t like hotel’s style. Balconies of hotels are separated one from another with plastic walls, but not till to the top of the wall and if you have noisy neighbours is not very pleasent. And every hotel from here is built aparently in the same style. So again, what happened with the privacy in Greece?

Well, so much I didn’t like. In rest, this little town is ideal for shopping. It’s beach you can’t call it a beach. I’ve seen in the evening towels left over the night with rocks on them, probably the owners didn’t want their valuable places to be taken in this tiny beach. So, beach in Paralia is very small and you have to choices for bigger beacheas: the north wich I liked and the south with Olympiaki Akti’s beach. There is also beach in the south of Paralia all along till Olympiaki Akti. But again, I recommend the north part.

Beach in Paralia Katerini

Tight small beach in town

In Paralia Katerini there is a church, St. Paraskevi Church, right on the beach, I would say this is the centre of this little town.

Near St. Paraskevi Church

Regarding ethnicity, besides greeks, serbs people are majority here. Second place are romanians. Then bulgarians, hungarians, polish. And few albanians, germans, ukrainians, makedonians, english, french.

Katerini is a must visit little town if you are in zone. You can try visit Litochoro and then go to Olympus Mountain for a trip to Zeus Waterfall and Saint Dionisos old monastery. And a little bit further to south, about 35 km. from Paralia, its Platamon Castle, wich worths a visit. It’s 2 euro entrance and kids have free entrance.