Hi. I am Raisa. I am the founder of this site.

Even if I am quite young, I love to travel all around the world. Because I am still very young I travel all along with my parents, so mostly of my reviews are based on we, at least till I grow up a little bit to travel by myself. 🙂

On this site you will find information about how to travel in a smart way. You may travel cheap or fancy, either way, because world has different things to offer. Not always expensive means good and cheap bad, but we guide on that and try different offers. 

Also, my reviews are trying to be objective. I won’t say about a place that is beautiful when its actually not so beautiful. I travelled with a lot of reviews and many of them had the slogan “wonderful” and the reality was a little bit different. And that little bit can change everything, into bad, but into good also if you have the right information.