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9 foods you should try in Greece

In this small article I will present you 9 foods there is a must in Greece in my humble experience. From north to south, from east to west of Greece, these are just a small collection of tastes that I loved in Greece. Try them in your journey. One thing is certain. I really ate well in Greece. Greek olive oil has a huge role in this. Italian food, one of the best cuisine in the world, is also present here and its very hard to beat. Even italians are great in kitchen and italian food is a standard for my eatings, greek cusine is full of taste and I really liked it.

Here are some of the foods I really enjoyed in this country:

  1. Gyros or gyro – some people call it shaworma, others doner, others tacos. Well, in Greece there is gyros and its a combination of ingredients served in wrapped flat bread. The basic ingredient is meat – pork, chicken, lamb or beef cooked on vertical rotisserie. Then are the fried potatoes, slices of tomatos, onions and tzatziki sauce.
  2. Souvlaki – there are small pieces of pork meat grilled on a skewer. It can be made also from other types of meat, but pork is basic. It is usually being served with fried potatoes, lemon and different sauces.
  3. Cevapcici – is grilled minced meat of sheep. Even this is a traditional dish in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina, you will also find it in Greece. I personally found it in Paralia Katerini and it was very delicious.
  4. Saganaki – its a quite salty sauce made from cheese (feta or other trype of cheese), tomato sauce, garlic, pepper. There are combinations of dishes with this sauce like mussels saganaki, anchoives saganaki. These two have usually an addition of white wine and lemon. The best is shrimp saganaki.
  5. Pork belly – you can eat this everywhere, but in many places of Greece, is very delicious. Some cookers make it thin and it ends up like a pancetta. It happened in Greece too. But if you want pancetta, go to Italy. For a true pork belly, try a thick one wich you will find it prepared in many restaurants in Greece the way it should be.
  6. Lavraki – this fish is usually grilled and served with lemon. Its so fresh in Greece. Try one in Porto Kuofo for example.
  7. Grilled octopus – you can eat very good octopus in the mother of sea food, wich is Spain my opinion, but you should also try the greek grilled octopus and with olive oil.
  8. Ntolmadaki or dolmadaki (dolmadakia at singular) – these are small grape leaves wrapped and filled with minced beef meat. The meat has different ingredients like: rice mixed with onions boiled first in olive oil. Recipe includes some lemon, mint and black pepper added to minced meat.
  9. Kritamo – marine algae Chritmum maritimum. This has a a bitter taste and is usually served usually with garlic sauce. This snack works good among some drinking.

While Italy has a crown in pizza and pasta, Spain has crown in sea food, Bulgaria has it on cheap food, Hungary and Mexico have it on varieties with chilli, Turks in doner (I said turks, because doner made by turks in Germany is the best), France has it on cheese, Germany in currywurst, well Greece is a champ in fresh fish, of course with odd exceptions depending of where you eat. Its a matter of taste of course so I’m really opened to comments.

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