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5 rules when visit Bioparc

If you ever get to Valencia, Bioparc is a must see. Some people say that Bioparc is better than Oceanographic. Well, its definetly a must see in Valencia. We’ve been in a saturday and it started to rain, so we were advised not to visit the parc because animals hide when it rains. Of course, rain was a problem for us too so we decided to leave dissapointed. But sunday after saturday was another day and we came back after a long walking trough Valencia’s center. Even we were a little bit tired after the long walking, we were glad that it wasn’t raining and we were prepared to visit Bioparc.

At entrance we paid about 60 euros for all three. We had Valencia Tourist Card and we got a reduced fee thank to this Tourist card that we buyed it right after we landed in Valencia.

After you pay and enter, at the beginning of Bioparc there is a store with souvenirs. We’ve already been to Oceanographic and we kinda knew how its going on. Right after you enter parc there is an offer to take photos with a virtual background. So you can have real printed photos with you and different virtual animals that you choose edited by photographer. They charge about 15 euros for three photos.

So, here we go through parc and start admiring the animals. This parc is like a zoo, but is indeed cageless. Animals are placed in such manner that you cant notice so easy that they are separated and isolated. They are isolated like in a zoo, but I would say in a more discreet manner.

At the beginning, a true delight of the zoo is the presence of lemurs. You can walk near them and in my opinion they are the most entertaining part of this zoo.

I wont enumerate here all the animals that you can find here. You can find typical animals that you can find in any zoo. Top notch are lemurs and giraffes.

So whats so special about Bioparc then? The habitat! Its a trully delight to admire the design of this parc, not necessarily the animals. If this place had no animals, it was still very beautiful. The combination between green grass, palm trees, beautiful rocks, small waterfalls, hills, grots is amazing. Its a wonderful mixture. So this place has a master design and lack of cages gives you a freedom sensation of the creatures that live here, even the animals are still isolated.

With one coin of euro, you can get a Bioparc coin to remember your visit. So it is at Oceanographic.


Here are the basic rules to visit Bioparc:

  1. Study the weather! Don’t go when it rains!
  2. Buy a Valencia Tourist Card. You will save money.
  3. Get water with you. It will be a quite long journey. If you want to see the entire parc in detail, it takes about three-four hours.
  4. After you leave Bioparc, there is a Carrefour hypermarket right across the street with some fast foods like Burger King. You’ll probably be hungry after this visit.
  5. Get a coin of 1 euro with you to transform it into a Bioparc coin. Its the best souvenir from here!

crocs in Bioparc

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