Benidorm from Mediterranean Balcony

Benidorm, sci fi towns exist

Benidorm, sci fi towns exist

When I first discovered Benidorm, it was love at first sight. I knew that I will love this place from the day we decided to visit.

We arrived to Benidorm with an Alsa bus from Valencia. We took the bus from the north of Valencia from the Central Estacion from north of Turia.

It took almost 2 hours to arrive here in Beni. An oh my…. when the bus almost enters in Benidorm there is a view with the skyscrappers wich take your breathe away. It was “Wow, we’ll love it here!”. And so it was…

Well, Benidorm is a masterpiece. The combination between skyscrappers, beach and sea is unique here. There arent a few skyscrappers, there are many and there is a uniform architecture of this place wich makes it just wonderful.

Inside town, english people are more than the spanish people. The way they entertain theirselves its lovely with few exceptions. Benidorm makes you love the english people.

There are two main beaches in Beni. Levante and Poniente. To north, Levante is rocky and its not great for bathing if you don’t like rocks, but further south where rocks are gone becomes perfect.

Poniente is just perfect. There arent rocks inside the water and like in Levante, water is shallow getting deeper very slowly.

So where Levante ends and Poniente starts the water is just perfect. Between these two beaches there is a place called Mediterranean balcony. From this place you can admire this beautiful town of Benidorm. There is also a binocular here wich works with 1 euro about 1 minute. Beach is perfect all over Benidorm, not too big, not too small. Lots of places to put your towel and umbrella. There are places with sunbeds wich are disposed at a relatively confortable distance one from another. Well the beach is lovely. You have the skyscrappers behind you, there are a lot places to eat close to beach and island of Benidorm is just perfect sitting there in the Balearic sea.

A problem here can be the compass jellyfish. There are periods when these creatures invade the coastline. I saw a lady stinged by a jellyfish and it didnt look very nice. It had big red spots on the skin and definetly at some point those temporary scars hurted.

Inside the town there a lot of stores with chinese sellers. They sell clothes, shoes, towels and other beach stuff. There was plenty offer here to buy anything your mind wants. You can find few Ale Hop stores too with their cow at the entrance wich is a joy for kids. A little Carrefour and Mercadona supermarkets with their lots of offer.

Plenty of restaurants too. I will write a separate article for the restaurants in Benidorm. We tried english restaurants, scottish, asian and italian. Guess who won?

I will also write an article about spanish food, so stay tune.

So, Benidorm is a great place. Must see at least once in a lifetime. Hope to go back soon here.

I will write more articles soon about my stay in Beni.

Benidorm from Mediterranean Balcony

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