Neos Marmaras, starting point to explore Sithonia

Neos Marmaras, a starting point to explore Sithonia

Neos Marmaras is a little village in the west of Sithonia, the middle arm of Chalkidiki. I like to call it a town, because it’s the only big populated place in Sithonia along with Nikiti and Sarti.

Definetly, Neos Marmaras send your thoughts to a little port, because in the center of this place, there is a little port. To the south there is Neos Marmaras beach and to the north there is Paradissos beach. I’ve studied both these beaches and I reach to the final conclusion that they aren’t great. Neos Marmaras beach is quite long but from road to water there is only a very tight sandy beach. I went to the water and it’s nice, quite clear, clean, it gets deep very fast, but the tightness of this beach doesn’t make you spend much time here. From the water you can see people walking on the road. Also, sunbeds are very very close one to another, closer even comparing to other Sithonia’s beaches. Only at Orange beach I’ve seen so much lack of privacy, but there can at least be explained by the little size of that beach. Here I don’t know how it could be explained. Also, here I went from my car straight into the water and the guys managing the sunbeds were very surprised by my action and that I don’t need a sunbed. So the business with renting sunbeds rich a maximum point here in Neos Marmaras beach.

The other beach, Paradissos beach is in the north part of Neos Marmaras, is also long and maybe a little bit wider than Neos Marmaras beach. Just a little bit. But the sunbeds aren’t so many and it’s a feeling that it’s trully a beach comparing to the other one described earlier. Water isn’t spectaculous here and in some zones of the water there are rocks. But sunset is very beautiful from this place!

The center of this little town has two main restaurants who manage the tables in the port. Some of the tables are placed near the water and its nice to enjoy the water, the little fishes fed by tourists and the water hedgehogs from the rocks. We’ve eat decent food here, not wow, but you can find gyros, souvlaki, chicken nuggets and other stuff at about 7 euros. Prices were decent and food was quite okay.

Shops in Neos Marmaras sell different stuff. They have a strange aura of fancy even they aren’t. Prices are in the range of Chalkidiki area, just a little bit higher than in Paralia Katerini for example and it seemed just a little higher at some of the things than in Sarti.

Parking can be a challenge in Neos Marmaras, because there aren’t many parking spaces in the center of the town. There is some parking space across Neos Marmaras beach wich starts at about 500 meters from the center of this town.

Driving itself can be a challenge here, because it’s really hilly and be careful to assure your car with the handbreak when you park.

Neos Marmaras can be a winner at beautiful landscapes. So many beautiful sunsets you can admire from here and Kelifos island, the little turtle island wich can be seen from this town increase the beauty of this place.

Hint! If you have ever plan to stay in Sithonia, you have in my opinion two main choices. To stay in Neos Marmaras or to stay in Sarti. Neos Marmaras it’s a starting point to explore Sithonia. Sarti is also a good starting point to explore Sithonia, but having a better beach than Neos, you will find it hard to leave Sarti, because you have good beach there and why would you go elsewhere if you aren’t an explorer. If you aren’t a very good driver, I also recommend Sarti. I don’t recommend to stay in Nikiti, because Nikiti isn’t the exponent of Sithonia in my opinion.

Regarding the ethnicity of tourists, as number serbs are the most. In weekeend, greeks come in big number. Also plenty romanians. And bulgarians, hungarians.

Neos Marmaras can be a nice expirience, but when I will come back to Sithonia, I will choose Sarti for staying.

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